Power seat motor refurbish

Electrical switches

Good used parts

I refurbish all electrical switchs for the 63/64 cadillacs. I refurbish headlight switches, ignition switches, door jamb interior light switches, and more.

Refurbish fee is 25.00 plus return postage. If you have a switch that needs to be refurbished, cointact me to set up a time.

Please see the home page for my parts policy.

If you need a part, please look at the PARTS ID tab and see if you can find your part. This is to ensure you get the right part, every time.  Dont see your part, just send me an email, and we can work together to get what you need.

I'I refurbish the 4 way and 6 way power seat assemblies.

Power seat refurbish fee is 25.00

Contact me to set up a time

If your gas gauge doesnt work, I can help you troubleshoot the gas gauge system to see where the problem is. I refurbish the gas tank sending unit for 25.00, or you can buy one already refurbished.

Gas Tank Sending Unit refurbish

I have put power disk brakes on the front of my 63 sedan, and have a list of parts to get. Or I can recommend a vendor, as I helped develope a kit for PM brakes.


If your headlights are dim, I can help. I have made a wire harnees that adds relays to the headlight system. Power is routed to the headlights, directly from the battery. This eases the load on the main wire harness, giving uoou brighter headlights and dash lights.