​I do this  after my full time job as an aircraft mechanic. I work during the day, and  I try to get to your parts requests as soon as possiblle. I always will let you know whats going on with your order.

Russ Austin

2891 E. Sahuarita rd.

Vail, Arizona


520-401-6369 cell

Please, no late night calls past 7PM PST


​1.  Please email me at

2. Please include part inquirer in the title of the email, so I    know its not junk mail.

3. Include in the body of the email, what year car you have, and the body style. There is a difference between a Coupe, and a Coupe DeVille. Not all Coupes are Coupe DeVille's.

Also what the part is. Have you looked at the Parts ID tab?

4. To get a good shipping quote, I will need to know where you live. If in the states, your zip code will work. If outside the country, the country and providence.

5. Parts quotes are only good for 5 days. This is so I can offer parts to anyone who inquires. After you receive a shipping quote, I will hold the part for 5 days. 

6. Shipping quotes will be good for 5 days only.  UPS and Fed Ex change their shipping prices according to the prices of fuel.  After 5 days, please recontact me to see if the shipping quote has changed.


7.  I always return emails, so if you have not heard from me within 2 days, shoot me another email.  Sometimes when I reply to an email sent through my web page, I get a returned email, as address unknown.  Send me an email from your email account, so a reply will be instant.


8. I do not have a business phone, so email traffic is the best way to reach me.