I try to offer reasonable prices on good used parts that are becoming harder and harder to find. Please be absolutely correct in identifying the model of your car, as there are several, and some parts are not compatible with all models. I will be glad to send digital pictures if needed and describe the part to the best of my ability to help determine the condition of an item. Keep in mind that most parts are not NOS or Mint and when I state something is good or very good this does not mean near Mint or Mint. Items are sold as is, as I try to accuratly describe the part. If you want to see a pic of the part, just ask. I'll be happy to send you a picture.



I will order new parts for you, and ship them to you.  You need to pay for the parts, before I order them from the suppliers.  Once I have all the parts, I will give you a shipping quote.  Please pay the shipping within 1 month. After 1 month, I will put the parts into my inventory, and no refund will be given.


​Parts and shipping quotes are good for 3 or 5 days only. To be fair to other Cadillac owners who may need parts, I will hold the parts for you, after you recieve a shipping quote.  USPS shipping quotes will be honored for 5 days only. UPS and Fed Ex change their prices due to fuel costs, so their shipping quote is good for 3 days only. After 3 or 5 days, please contact me to see if the part is still available, and if the shipping quote is the same as previously quoted.




I generally do not offer money back guarantees as my parts are sold as servicable parts. I will, however, be glad to swap out an item if it does not work or if I have made an error, and I have a replacement item in stock. If you want to return the part, I will give you store credit, and you pay to ship the part back.  If I have made an error, I will pay the shipping. 


Return policy is good for 2 months only.


Store credit is for parts and services only.  Shipping fee's are not covered under store credit.



I ship 2-3 day Priority mail through the U.S. Postal Service, and UPS, unless we agree to another shipping method. Shipping and Handling price quotes are understood to include Priority Mail shipping unless otherwise indicated. I do ship outside of the United States, however, I will need a shipping address to determine what your shipping charges will be. I use the online U.S. Postal Service calculator to determine rates for addresses outside the U.S. You can confirm the rate for yourself by going to 


If you pay with Pay Pal, please ensure that the address listed in your Pay Pal account is correct.
Note: If you do not provide me with a specific Ship To address, I will used the return address on your envelope, check or any other source of address that I can find. If you do not provide me with a deliverable Ship To address then I do not assume responsibility for your items being lost.


It is up to the buyer to arrange shipping for hoods, engines, transmissions, windshields, and what ever else will not ship by USPS, or UPS.  and are good sourses to start with.
I try to work with buyers of larger parts in which I cannot provide shipping and try to allow sufficient amount of time for buyer to either pick-up or arrange for shipping. I will allow a maximum of two months for pickup for any items that has been purchased. After two months I will put item back in stock and buyer will forfeit the payment and the item. Please make sure if you purchase an item such as an engine, windshield, hood, etc. that you will be able to either pick the item up or arrange for shipping.

Pay Pal is my prefered method of payment. Personal Check, Money Order, or Cashiers Check are fine and should be sent to my home address. I generally do not hold items, but reserve the right to hold an item until a personal check has cleared. I do not take credit cards at this time.

My Pay Pal address is;

To inquire about parts, please see the "contact me" tab at the top of this page.


Thanks, Russ Austin



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A little bit about me. I'm Russ Austin, and I drive a 1963 Cadillac sedan, series 62.  I also have a 63 Cadillac  Superior Hearse. I have started getting parts cars, and stripping them down for the parts, since GM has decided not to make parts for our cars any more. I work a full time job, so this is my hobby, and a full time hobby it seems. I have many parts for the 1963 & 64 Cadillacs. To inquire about parts, please click on the "contact me" tab.



NEW LED tail lights

1963 Cadillac LED tail light kits are 220.00  plus shipping.